TCImport Denmark

Hardware & Software Development and Digital Systems.

Accellence in development

Financial software development.

Time registration systems

Weight systems

Software development for: iMAC - iPhone - iOS

Tracking systems

Time registration systems

EMS and Systems by TCImport

EMS - Electronic Manufacturing, when finished products are outsourced to external manufactures ether as PCB production or as "box builds".

Systems - Hardware systems that covers specific hardware for a specific purpose or Software systems - large or full scale systems to server a large number of costumers or a specific interface between existing systems such as financial software (Navision Dynamics, etc.)

TCImport has many years of experiance within Electronic Manufacturing (EMS) and can help costumers save on optimized production and sourcing to Asian & Chineese manufactures.

TCImport can also supply plug'n'play systems for industrial costumers. The systems expand to: Access control, RFID, WiFi, TouchPC, Scanners, etc. and can be used in Access Systems, Weight Systems, Tracking Systems, Time Registration Systems, Power Systems, Alternative Energy Systems, etc.